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Clogged pipes can be a big headache for people who inhabit the house. These clogged pipes are the cause of corrosion of pipes. The pipes then rust or crack and wear out causing severe leaks of raw sewage. Avoid the Plano plumber that is BBB A+ rated, Berkeys Plumbing at 972-737-7174 now. We handle emergency plumbing problems like this 24/7.
The worn out pipes may cause flow of water through pipes which may spread through walls or kitchen sinks and damage other things in the house. The pipes need to be mended from time to time so that they do not wear out. The other harm that can be caused is by leakage in natural gas pipes. It can cause severe loss to property and even to life.

We offer to repair all your pipes and sewer fittings and maintain them over a period of time so as to relieve you of the major problems related to plumbing. We are your local sewer repair service and we are special because we are available 24/7.

The striking feature of our service is immediate response 24/7. When you call us we attend to it immediately and send a plumber to your place. All your emergencies are dealt with when you make just one call to us. We are available on all holidays so that you do not have to unnecessarily put up with plumbing difficulties.

What causes a sewer line to get damaged? A sewer line often is in contact with water. Water causes this old galvanized sewer pipe to rust or ear down. Often grease builds up in these pipes causing them to reduce the flow of water or start deteriorating in quality. The pipes can thus burst open causing severe leaks.

We offer services to clear these blockages by modern methods like snaking and hydro jetting. The trenchless repair of your sewer pipe that is repair without digging your back yard is another prime feature of the service. Sewer line insurance also available and can be availd incase there is a problem with the line in the future.